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passion for coding

There is no place like

Chi siamo

Come in and let yourself be transported into our digital world.
Our passion is contagious.

We like to call ourselves your digital factory: a mix of creativity and expert hands, which guide you in the best choices for your business. We are the right partner for those looking for technological skills because they want to transform and innovate, for those who want to inject intelligence and efficiency into their processes, for those who want to improve the quality of work and for those who want to play with technology to see how far it can go.

The skills, promptness and flexibility in adapting to the needs of our customers do the rest.

Our history has brought us here, the present will bring us to you.

We ask only one thing of those who choose to join us, taking us by the hand: let yourselves be contaminated and infected by our passion.

We will do beautiful things together.

We like to prepare each project meticulously.
Needs analysis and active listening are the starting point.
And these are our rules of the game: Governance, Business Analysis, Design, Planning, Development, QA/Testing, Code Review.
The agile, shared and participatory approach in every phase of the work are for us the key to a project of success.

And now.. let's go!


Our numbers

  • ~30

    years Average age

  • +10

    Languages and dialects

  • +53

    Coffee a day

Our services

  • Web & mobile

    We develop fully responsive websites, portals, intranets, web and mobile applications (native and hybrid) for product companies, startups, scaleups and multinationals. The skills and quality of our approach make us the ideal technological partner for those who want to create MVPs or digitize flows, transform processes or speed up their growth to enter the market faster.

  • Gamification

    We create applications that use gamification logics to transfer content or create engagement. Our experience in this area helps us to propose solutions suitable for every need, from training to marketing, from wellness to corporate welfare.

  • Conversational Interface

    We design Voice Assistant to manage elaborate information content and highly engaging interactive experiences for the user. An innovative approach to make your brand known and communicate with the user in a fast and participatory way.

  • Accessibility

    We create inclusive web and mobile applications, attentive to the strictest accessibility requirements, which facilitate and improve people's lives.

  • Team Augmentation

    We work alongside your team to achieve challenging objectives within the timescales you desire, adapting flexibly to the technical, implementation and methodological standards in use.

Our projects


A lean and flexible gamification tool designed to engage and motivate users,teams and communities; through stimulating and rewarding challenges.

Gameo project


The microblog of those who want to manage and share short content of text, video or podcast format. The ideal solution for creators to be closer to their community, and for those who manage training through short and original advices.

Threeminutes project


The mobile app that makes it easy to your staff to report daily activities on various projects. Simple, intuitive and at hand.

TotemApp project

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